Maytag Drivetrain

Text Taken From Maytag Add

Two cylinder opposed five inch bore, five inch stroke. Actual 25 brake horse power, cylinders, pistons, crank shafts, cam shafts, etc., ground to a limit that insures absolutely accurate bearings. The crank shaft is drop forged from 30-40 point carbon steel, supported in two long, die cast Parson's white brass bearings. Connecting rod bearings are of the same material, hand scraped, assuring perfect fit. Splitdorf magneto is mounted on top of crank case, and gear driven. Water pump is located on end of crank shaft, thus doing away with one set of gears.

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Intake Manifold is cast integral with cylinders and crank case, which stops all chance of leaks, pockets, etc., between carburetor and intake valves. This also assures uniform temperature of the mixture in all conditions. Two cylinder motors are economically operated require less gasoline and lubricating oil than the four cylinder-and the assembly as a whole is less complex.

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Overhead Chassis and Drivetrain View

chassis.jpg (72707 bytes) 1. Steel Bumper Rod
2. Radiator
3. Gas Lamp Brackets
4. Steel Front Axle
5. Steel Firewall
6. Dash Ignition Coil
7. Muffler Bypass Valve
8. Valve Push Rods
9. Magneto
10. Water Pump
11. Oil Pump and Tank
12. Spark Plug
13. Brass Petcock
14. Muffler
15. Rear Axle
16. Rear Springs
17. Gasoline Tank
18. Flexable Radiator Suport
19. Fender Bracket
20. Steering Knuckle
21. Steering Arm
22. Steering Gear
23. Reverse Pedal
24.  Service Brake/Clutch Pedal
25. Throttle/Spark Levers
26. Starter
27. Control Lever
28. Clutch
29. Low and Reverse Gears
30. Muffler Cut Out
31. Differential
32. Brake Service
33. Brake Joint


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